Information for Parents

We are a charitable organisation and as such rely on the support of the parents/families who attend our Pre-School - some of the ways in which you can become involved and contribute to the successful life of the Pre-School include:-

  • Helping out at a session - Grandparents/other family members welcome!
  • Offering to organise/help at fundraising events
  • Cleaning/fixing toys equipment
  • Ensuring regular fruit donations are sent in
  • Paying fees in a timely manner
  • Joining the Parent Committee

Joining The Committee

Each year the committee is re-elected- its purpose being to support the Pre-School Leader and staff in the successful operation of the pre-school.

The committee is:

Chair Felicity Spark
Treasurer Christopher Procter
Secretary Faye Taggart-White
Jo Wilton
Jackie West
Zoey Laverty
Jo Burcombe
Leah Hemmings
Mady Silcock
Nina Bisp
Ben Mumford

Pre-School Leader Laura Beese
Pre-School Clerk Lauren Darby



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