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Fundraising is important to Crossbow Pre-school as the money raised enables the Committee to provide many benefits for the children. Over the past few years the Committee has spent £35 000 to improve facilities for the children at Crossbow Pre-school. This has only been possible through fundraising, donations and grant applications.

New Garden

Over the past few years the garden has been completely renovated and extended at a cost of £5,500. The children enjoy the garden, which includes a Forest Area, and especially love the outdoor sandpit.


Equipment bought since September 2013 to a total cost of £3,500 includes:

  • Craft Station
  • Craft Materials
  • Road Safety Equipment
  • Climbing Frame and Slide
  • Cube Den
  • Toys
  • Home Corner
  • 5 Android Tablets
  • Indoor Sand Trays
  • 3 Panel Stand
  • Digital Camera
  • 2 Filing Cabinets

ICT Equipment (Electronic Toys)

Following an application to South Gloucestershire Council the Pre-school was awarded £768 to buy ICT equipment. These are electronic toys which aid talking, listening, sharing and exploring and are loved by the children. (The Committee also put £212 towards the cost of this equipment.)

A further £500 ICT was obtained at the end of 2015 which was spent on an Easi-Torch and charger set, mini mobile phones, remote control cars and a light panel.

St Peter’s Hall

St Peter’s Hall is now a warm, cosy, bright and clean hall in which to hold Pre-school. It’s renovation makes it a very pleasant place for our Practitioners to work and for the children to play and learn.

General Renovation

The entrance hall, kitchen and adult toilet have been renovated. Additionally, a new block of children’s low level toilets were created. £16,500 was raised in nine months during 2010 to enable this work to be done.

Replacement Roof and Floor

£6,275 was awarded to the Pre-school in November 2011 through the NatWest Community Award Scheme.

Replacement Windows and Doors

£2,162 was awarded to the Pre-school in September 2012 by South Gloucestershire Council from their small capital grants awards.

A further £1,198 was awarded in September 2013 which enabled the pre-school to replace the remaining four windows in the Hall.

Outside Canopy

In the summer of 2015 a grant of £1,000 was obtained from South Gloucestershire Council which enabled us to build a canopy over the main entrance of the Pre-school. This means that parents and children, who are waiting for Pre-school to open, have shelter in adverse weather.

Staff / Child Ratio

Crossbow Pre-school also believes in a high staff to child ratio. For children under three years of age the Practitioners work on a 1:4 ratio and for children over three a 1:6 ratio, even though the national recommendation is 1:8. Our Practitioners are committed to delivering outstanding care, practice and experiences for children and their families which is demonstrated through continuous reflection and evaluation of their practice and environment.

Our Practitioners attend continuous training where their skills, knowledge and expertise is updated, enabling children to receive the best care and learning environment. All staff are trained in Child Protection and four hold a current Inter Agency Child Protection qualification, which is double the Government requirement.

All Practitioners are trained in Health and Safety, Makaton, First Aid and have awareness and understanding of Food Hygiene and the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. They also attend vocational training which provides the team with a wealth knowledge and skills; such as Forest Skills, Special Educational Needs, emotional coaching, sun safety and healthy eating.

Maintaining the lower ratio, improving the surroundings for the children and buying what the Staff and Committee consider to be essential equipment for the children can only be achieved through grants, donations and fundraising. Parents continued support is very much appreciated.

Crossbow Pre-School

Crossbow Pre-School