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Crossbow Pre-School, Frampton Cotterell

Crossbow Pre-school was originally set up in 1976 in order to provide pre-school care and education for the children of the village and surrounding areas. Leadership of the Pre-School has recently changed hands, but its intentions remain the same.

At Crossbow Pre-School, we understand that young children thrive in an environment which is supportive, caring and stimulating and that young children learn primarily through play and real life experiences. This is reflected in our approach, where we see ourselves as partners in the children’s learning and plan around the children’s existing interests/abilities- this ensures that children are interested and motivated to learn.

We plan the Pre-School environment, resources and experiences in ways which empower children to seek meaning, find solutions and use creative thinking processes, we facilitate this with sensitive questioning, by offering practical support /advice and by supplying lots of praise and encouragement!

We aim to build the children’s self-confidence and self-esteem, thus laying the foundations for a successful and positive disposition to learning, both now and in the future.

At Crossbow Pre-school we believe in a high staff to child ratio. For children under three years of age the Practitioners work on a 1:4 ratio and for children over three a 1:6 ratio, even though the national recommendation is 1:8.

Our Practitioners attend continuous training where their skills, knowledge and expertise is updated, enabling children to receive the best care and learning environment. All staff are trained in Child Protection and four hold a current Inter Agency Child Protection qualification, which is double the Government requirement.

All Practitioners are trained in Health and Safety, Makaton, First Aid and have awareness and understanding of Food Hygiene and the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. They also attend vocational training which provides the team with a wealth knowledge and skills; such as Forest Skills, Special Educational Needs, emotional coaching, sun safety and healthy eating.

Maintaining the lower ratio, improving the surroundings for the children and buying what the Staff and Commitee consider to be essential equipment for the children can only be achieved through grants, donations and fundraising. Parents continued support is very much appreciated.

We will continue to seek out new ways to improve our service to young children and their families in the local area. Parents continued support is very much appreciated.

Crossbow Pre-School

Crossbow Pre-School